Panda Antivirus 2020

Panda antivirus is among the pioneers of this industry that’s been protecting users since 1990. Following the latest re-branding, it’s now called Panda Dome and it includes the new attractive interface. The new app features an eye-pleasing background, and it’s still simple to use.

What really matters though, is if the new edition of this antivirus offers better security than Panda Security did. Well, a 100% virus detection ratio guarantee on the home page still refers to the 2017 Real-World Protection evaluation by AV-Comparative. Recent results are somewhat worse — 99.7% risks were blocked — that we will talk in detail further in our Panda antivirus review.

However, Panda Dome is a good antivirus that will satisfy both novice and advanced users. The program is reliable enough to stick to the default settings. It’s lightweight, runs on all major platforms and provides various customizable programs to fit every user’s needs.

Every package has a range of useful extras. In spite of the free program, you get 150MB of VPN traffic every day which is sufficient to securely shop online or protect your information when using public hotspots.

During the most recent evaluation by AV-Test which was held in December 2018 Panda Dome has shown pretty good results. It detected 100 percent of all of the malware it was subjected to.

That is, however, an expected score because the malware samples used throughout the evaluation existed for at least a few days already. Therefore, all of the antivirus databases must include those samples to provide users decent protection.

The 0-day malware attacks test is harder as the antivirus must detect unknown threats. Panda Internet Security detected 99.6percent of all of the samples. Despite the fact that the result isn’t perfect, it’s good enough for clients to trust this supplier with their safety. In total, Panda Antivirus obtained a score of 6 out of 6 for security during AV-Test which makes it top virus protection.

They are quite recent — February and March 2020 — and provide a more clear image of the virus protection this provider has set up.

The real-world protection evaluation is the most complicated and, thus, can demonstrate the true reliability of the antivirus program. Panda blocked 99.7% of threats during the evaluation and flagged 12 false positives.

The result isn’t impressive — some antiviruses like Avira and Bitdefender demonstrated a perfect 100% block rate. Nevertheless, Panda was not the worst one — Eset, by way of instance, had a much lower rate. Also, though the 99.7% block rate isn’t perfect, it’s good enough to call the antivirus dependable.

In general, although Panda Dome cannot boast ideal independent labs score such as Avast or Bitdefender, it’s still a trusted software. Users can be sure the antivirus will guard their apparatus well. Sadly, Panda Dome does not include the ransomware protection in the free and the lowest-priced plans.

Additionally, with the Advanced, Complete or Premium program, you receive the identity security feature. It will prevent your confidential information from being stolen when purchasing or conducting banking operations online.

However, when analyzing the attribute for our Panda antivirus review, we’ve noticed that it does not block all of the malicious links. Thus, we can not state it can perfectly protect users from phishing or other dangers malicious sites bring.

For those who wish to play with the antivirus, Panda has an interesting feature for PC users. They could vaccinate their USB devices to reduce the chance of future infections.