Norton 360 Premium 2020

The Pitch
If you’re considering armoring your PC with antivirus a decade ago, brands such as Symantec and Norton were the obvious option. And, to some degree, that is still correct. In 2020, Norton Antivirus is a brand that is almost-synonymous with cybersecurity.

And if baseline security is all you are after, the normal Norton Antivirus package remains likely gonna give you what you crave. Again, it is very much the obvious option. As much then as now, most users embrace a set-and-forget mindset towards cybersecurity. Throwing your lot in with one of those few antivirus brands that everyone has heard of is

But these days, Norton LifeLock provide a lot more than simply baseline threat protection. We now reside in an era of live services and subscription packages where software companies always gnaw away at one another in a sprawling game of what is -yours-is-mine.

Seen in that context, the new Norton 360 security suite embodies a bountiful host of security goodies. You might not receive the same amount of nuance or customizability a bespoke solution would provide but you do get lots of bang for your buck here.

Features & Pricing
Norton 360 Standard gets you security for one device, 10GB of cloud storage, a password manager, online threat protection, a intelligent firewall and access to Norton’s”Virus Protection Promise” customer service. You also get VPN access for one device and SafeCam for PC webcam security.

Pricing for Norton 360 Standard begins at AU$79/year – that is $10 more than the regular Norton Antivirus. If you are just looking to use Norton 360 on a single PC, this is obviously the thing to do.

Next in line, Norton 360 Deluxe includes all of the above plus parental controls. You also get security for 3 devices (instead of 1), 50GB of cloud storage (instead of 10GB) and VPN access for 3 devices (instead of 1).

Those seeking security for a family or a small family of devices are most likely going to be best served by this alternative.

Last, Norton 360 Premium encompasses all the above but lumps the cloud storage up fivefold to 250GB.

Pricing for Norton 360 Premium begins at AU$99/year. As you don’t receive any extra device security or VPN accounts, the sole reason to go Premium is the cloud storage. With regards to how the prices shake out, the cloud storage provided by Norton 360 can not realistically compete with dedicated providers like Dropbox. $17.50/month on Dropbox gets you twenty times the quantity of cloud storage which $10 does with Norton.

Nonetheless, if you are solely seeking to copy the essentials, the 250GB which Norton 360 Premium gets you’re probably only enough space to do that.

User Experience
As recorded above, Norton 360 is not just about Antivirus. An active membership also gets you cloud storage, a password manager, VPN access, webcam security and access to better client service through Norton’s’Virus Protection Promise’.

Norton’s take on what the experience of using a VPN should look like is not especially different from what NordVPN or Surfshark offer.

And regardless of if largely in it for the antivirus or eager to consolidate your password supervisor experience, you will have the ability to find what you’re looking for through a new Norton App. Though not entirely self-contained, each feature of the amount package here is available through the new launcher program.

As someone who plays plenty of games on their PC, I found that the general setup here not that different to running a customer such as the BattleNet launcher or Steam. That having been said, I did find that the frequent security telling pop-ups out of Norton’s Smart Firewall I want to know its own ideas on whatever software I was running for a bit of a buzzkill.