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Repeat that title three times quickly.

There are thousands of posts on this site spanning more than a decade, which are now archived. Some of these, I am republishing.


Originally published December 17, 2009.

Republished May 22, 2018.

The offending persons — lauded by some among political action groups, unfortunately — have removed twitter evidence of these events; on the other hand, I have preserved the events with screen-caps saved on this site and accessible to readers via links in the following, and, it matters to me as a Republican that these events remain referenced:



It is a tenet of left-wing argument that if one can inject an accusation or even the tiniest innuendo of extremism into a debate, it has the effect of doing this to the opponent. Don’t worry about the debate of the ideas, attack the person.

It’s a substantial shame when that tenet (just described, above) is deployed by people who claim to represent “the Right” — but whose actions (in playing that tenet, above described) reveal them to be yet more runofthemill “tossers of slime”…

I’d maintained some good faith in and about the general Right — anyone not towing the Left’s nonsense, servicing their ongoing woeful goals — but I have been naive. Because there are “Leftwingers” on the Right, too, and they’re the problem confronting us today as to those of us seeking to Right this nation, to return this place of ours into a nation that was created by Madison, Washington and their peers on the ideals they declared in the Constitution, not a popularity game show with a badge of Karl Marx bestowed as prize by a host who looks like Mao.

In all of the issues I posed in the following (on twitter, copied and/or linked in the following), throughout it all, not so much as one address of those issues was ever presented by those doing the sliming; instead, their only labor was in sliming me, in defamation of me and declaring libelous statements about me — libelous because their lies are unsubstantiated and unsubstantiatable; and, their ridicule of me is a pitiful statement about them.

I’m immensely disappointed to discover that CPAC has this year degenerated into being promoted by this sort of nastiness. Immensely disappointed.

Dot-Red-SML Several Updates Below

This is not a post about Conservatives — the real ones — but about the sneaky, untoward deception that is ever so popular of late that attempts to cash-in on terms and words that are then reworked to suit counter purposes. It’s about deception and cowards and unacceptable behavior — on the internet, anywhere this rotten behavior occurs, but for this specific post, it’s about that which occurs on

Failing aspect of twitter use is that certain irresponsible people use the site for purposes of attacking, maligning others — anyone can write anything on twitter and it’s preserved as a declaration, regardless of how irrational and plain old wrong it might be.

Your mother’s a w**** on Main Street and sells dope to one-legged zombiescan be written to and about anyone on twitter without so much as any substantiation about such an ugly (and ridiculous) statement: anyone can write anything there and some do, lacking responsibility for acting badly, writing lies, being nonsensical in regards theirs or other’s reputations. That is what cowards do and twitter is like cheese to the troll mice for that reason (while it also is a useful tool to the better-behaved).

The point of this sort of behavior seems to be to literally lie with abandon: no responsibility for the deceit, the damage that it might do to others who are lied about.

The behavior I’ve witnessed so far (yesterday at length but also a few weeks ago with another round of similarly-Left opiners who engaged in this behavior) is that the lies are flung about, then the liar renders their tweets “private” to hide their behavior and grouses with other liars to gain some sort of feel-better-about-lying commiseration without interruption by the truth (who they’ve lied about – who by that point isn’t included in their ‘private’ tweets).

The other tactic I’ve witnessed by such liars as this is that they’ll move to some feed-stream site that republishes tweet-feeds and then ridicule whoever they’re lying about on that other, off-twitter site (again, a cowardly act attempting to avoid responsibility for their cowardly, disgusting behavior) — which other sites are only even located by searches, so the lies tend to putrify a while if not indefinitely unless or until they’re even discovered.

I realize similar behavior occurs on the internet in general wherever bad types brood, but, it’s disappointing more profoundly whenever I read such rubbish as this on twitter from so-called “Conservatives” or even “Moderates”, people from whom there’s an expectation of more responsibility than that. I’ve come to expect this sort of lying from the Left about the Right but when this sort of behavior is by people who are reputed to be “on the Right” and who — even more shocking to me — as “grassroots activists (for the Right)”, as “Christian” and/or describe themselves as being a “consultant to the GOP” (on anything), then there’s not severe enough vocabulary available to declare it as lowly and disgusting a character fail as it is.

Dot-Red-SML The two twitter accounts who irresponsibly lied about me on twitter yesterday [go find ” / edmorrissey “ and ” / pinkelephantpun “] both lay claim to themselves as “Christian”. I’ve witnessed this before, unfortunately, wherein the accuser is, like Judas, the one assumed to be trustworthy and to be relied upon while later revealed to be betrayer instead. I suppose anyone can claim they’re anything they can when a sales pitch is the objective and, perhaps, lucidity is not.

About those events yesterday on twitter, I’ve preserved my own comments (they remain public on, called “tweets”) and have no plans to hide anything I’ve written there, by comparison with the liars who’ve hidden theirs. I’d hoped to save the full stream of offensiveness on twitter in screencaps but twitter went dark just as I attempted to save such (twitter was, as it’s been reported, “hacked by Iranians”), and when the site eventually returned to full use later last evening, the offensive tweets by others had been set to “protected” which is twitter’s feature to hide one’s tweets from public access without special permission by the “tweeter’s” account. But I’d managed to save a few screencaps for future reference before the site went down, presented later in this post.

Dot-Red-SML The CPAC10 Issue

I started internet use yesterday mid-afternoon by reading a post from two days ago on Hot Air about the CPAC10 meet for February 2010. The post is dedicated not so much to CPAC, to ideas of import to Conservatives, but to and about a group of homosexual activists who are — so the post wrote — engaged this year as a sponsor of CPAC10L “GOProud” [go find “goproud . org” ] about which the Hot Air writer touts as being worthy of Conservative support and endorsement as a CPAC10 sponsor because, so the post goes, this group represents “fiscal conservativism” while ignoring the implications of what and why the group exists (which isn’t because they represent “fiscal conservativism” but, rather, to represent homosexuality in the socio-political realm).

(Here is the url of that post on Hot Air, just remove the spaces I added here and paste it in your browser –>” http: // hotair. com / archives / 2009 / 12 / 16 / goproud-at-cpac-creates-controversy-calls-for-boycotts “)

The post lists by line-item why Hot Air’s author thinks that that group (GOProud) is somehow “fiscally conservative” and therefore should be a sponsor and well-embraced as such by and among CPAC. The line-item list includes numerous statements that identify non-conservative fiscal goals, and/or goals that would accomplish expansion of government, as does the very formative purpose of that group (homosexual activism – were they a group ‘about’ “fiscal conservativism,” they’d be such but they aren’t, they’re a group for and about homosexuality, organized, as I’ve already stated, for socio-political activism as such).

But their line-item list includes a few generalizations that are well supported by fiscal conservatives and by many on the Right, as also by most among Libertarians, the Social Leftwing who insistently lecture the GOP and the Right in general about economic issues while demanding, oftentimes, far more Leftwing social reworks than many on the Left do. This seems to be GOProud’s characteristic: the Social Leftwing-ism using a handy list that includes a few big-promise declarations adequate enough to garner general “support” from the fiscally conservative — in between those line-items, however, marches forth the group’s formulating purpose: homosexual activism.

But what this has to do with CPAC10 is beyond me as it’s being attempted to be sold us on the Right, and, nor does that group’s methodology and cause even associate with “fiscal conservativism” beyond that they suggest, quite quirikly, “a reduction in the size of government”.

O.K., great, reduce the size of government, a goal all on the Right can support (and most do by high margins). But this particular group’s line-item list runs contrary to the beliefs held by — I venture to guess — the vast majority of people who identify themselves as Conservatives — to wit, the group advocates, among other things, abandoning the U.S. military requirement to not reveal one’s homosexuality in service, if that’s one’s behavior — in other words, “to be openly ‘gay'” in the military, to use the parlance of the Left.

Which, by the way, would represent an expansion of government, not a minimization of it, not to mention render damage to our U.S. military functionally, for starters.

That this group (GOProud) is formed entirely upon homosexuality in and of itself sets this group apart from Conservatives and Conservativism in general (as also specifically on many issues), and, it has nothing at all to do with “fiscal conservativism” except in the sense that members of this group opine that they seek such (which does not make that so). Many Conservatives, and I’d venture to allege that most of us, disagree with these sorts of activist groups based upon gender, race, ethnicity and homosexuality because they inevitably resort to a supremacy position that holds the greater population to task for values the few demand based upon a demeaning, if not an eradication or penalization of, the majority’s values themselves.

Let someone as individual integrate and express themselves and their opinions, fine, something all of us as voters and as Conservatives can eagerly support, but the issue of homosexual-activism, in nearly all cases, seeks a dedicated Leftwing reworking of our American civilization based upon the gradual and persistent blasting away at the values and beliefs of others, which they accomplish via media and political venues.

Worse, their efforts routinely result in just such negation of others as I experienced on twitter yesterday, and it is gratuitous — or gluttonous, driven by obsession and self-gratification, cruel and unusual — in behavior, which I write because the damage inflicted on others by groups such as this refuses responsibility for their socio-political liabilities. Many doing the advocacy are emotionally negative toward others, in other words, and appear entitled to be so.

And, adding here for sake of argument, homosexuality is not of the same stuff as is race or ethnicity or gender, so there’s little room to argue out some sort of merit owed by behavioral choices in comparison with race, ethnicity and/or gender.

Dot-Red-SML Returning to yesterday’s events:

After reading that post at Hot Air and moving on to read updates on twitter (updates in general), I found in those updates (at that current time-frame of my visit to twitter) a tweet by Mr. Ed Morrissey, the author of the particular Hot Air post I’ve been referring to here. So I stopped and read what he’d written on twitter, just having read his post on Hot Air and for no other reason than that.

Mr. Morrissey tweeted, “shame, shame on the AFA for (their disagreement with the group, GOProud, as being a sponsor of CPAC10).”

I read the link Mr. Morrissey was calling “shame” upon — the statement by the AFA (American Family Association) — and agreed with the AFA position as they’ve stated it, and upon what they reason their position to be. I’m not a member of that group, I don’t visit their site and only did at that time based upon Mr. Morrissey’s referenced link (in order to read what AFA’s position was that Mr. Morrissey was calling “shame” upon), and I don’t maintain nor have ever attempted to have any memberships in any organizations that are based upon sexuality of any kind, in the private sector nor in the political. I simply read the AFA site to read what their position was on this CPAC10-GOProud issue, and after reading that, I agreed with it and wrote as much in comment to Mr. Morrissey’s “tweet”.

That is, I responded to that ‘tweet’ by Mr. Morrissey — that I agreed with the AFA.

Mr. Morrissey responded that he’d “rather (have) fiscal conservatives than purist minority” involved in CPAC10.

I took umbrage with Mr. Morrissey’s pejorative term for Conservatives (it’s CPAC, which means “Conservative Political Action Conference” and the promotion of such this year as excluding, if not condescending to, “purist minority” in that regard is objectionable).

So I posed two questions to Mr. Morrissey: just who he deemed were this “purist minority” and upon what he claimed the homosexual-activist group represented “fiscal conservativism”. Neither question did Mr. Morrissey respond to before he then dissolved into writing to me that “you hate gays” and further baseless accusations — all of which were (also) irrelevant and irrational to my questions and to the issues raised prior to that.

A few others (three that I counted) on twitter then joined in reprinting Mr. Morrissey’s nonsense (as he’d referred to Conservatives n general as that “purist minority” he’d rather exclude from CPAC10i and that I “hate(d) gays” — his hateful lie — and these joining-inners also refused any explanation but they reprinted the Morrissey lies and weird allegations to and about me in separate streams of nonsense, despicable twitter-screed.

The most offensive of those, with more, compounding lies directed at me, was (first) from “pinkelephantpun” and (second) “redhk” and — to my ongoing disappointment — Pajamas Media’s “Ed Driscoll” in a “retweet” or reprint of Morrissey’s original sick blast. A fourth — and profoundly sick — user joined in a bit later (screencaps of this later user’s awful behavior were made and are at the end of this post, but here’s a screencap of “pinkelephantpun” in which she lies as did Morrissey, writing to me, “I’m sorry you hate gays“) (screencaps are here and here).


Specifically, these, each and all, displayed such a hyper-defensiveness that they launched without hesitation into writing utter garbage to and about me (as also in some case to and about others who agreed with me there), that it was not only surprising but it indicates a really creepy, sick push by some in their association with CPAC and/or the GOP (so they say they are associated). Being so quick to label me (and others) with disgusting lies also speaks of something far more troubling under the surface — of them as individuals and of their associations with CPAC and vice-versa.

The user, “pinkelephantpun” [ go find ” / pinkelephantpun “]– claims to be “a grassroots activist” and I later found that she was employed during this time by “FreedomWorks” founded by the Koch Brothers, later pushing Rubio and Cruz as candidates and among the “anti-Trump” in the GOP (and pro-open-borders/amnesty for illegal aliens) — also writes that she maintains some media profile in association with CPAC but whose tweets were so immature and catty as to make it impossible to even interact with her. And, afterward, I read no apology from any of this ghastly brood no retraction of their lies — I did read a stream of sick ‘tweets’ from most after Mr. Morrissey’s having run-off-to-private and that the pinkelephantpun toured around seeking social approval afterward, while the other two (two homosexual males, so they identified themselves) continued on and on and on and on and…

Dot-Red-SML If this is “GOP talent” then the GOP is, well, toast. It’s a depressing example of vapid, illiterate, nonsensical but social twits acting irresponsibly in the public (or otherwise) with the names and opinions of others by misstating what others believe or don’t believe, about which they have no idea or evidence — at no time did any of these creeps ever ask me what my opinions were and they ridiculed any attempts I made to express my opinions, so it was obvious their motivation wasn’t to learn anything (from me, from anyone) but to destroy others. Like I wrote, it was gratuitous, gluttenous, irresponsible behavior by the lot of them.

Their remarks were both ugly and trite, if such is possible, like some gross trash found at the bottom of an emptied basket that continues to smell after the trash has been tossed out, because at no time did any of these trashy liars so much as hesitate to lie about me and later as I read, others who raised similar questions. Then they appealed to others about how sad they were, or “tired” or otherwise, begged for pity from the general society (hatred can be exhausting).

Dot-Red-SML Allow me to explain here my opinions about homosexuality, as befits this and any/all public venues: I’ve worked alongside many homosexuals in my years in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, and I’ve never encountered so much as one that I felt “hate” for nor even ruminated “dislike” about. I harbor no “hate” for anyone who is engaging as a homosexual, I harbor no ill-will socially or professionally for anyone such as that. The behavior is contrary to my religious beliefs (is quite clearly denounced by God in the Holy Bible — I believe in the Holiness of the Bible in total, not “just some parts” of it) but I do not proselytize theology in the workplace. As a voter, however, I am asked to express my views on issues that homosexuals and their activists proliferate among the public — at which time, my opinion is pertinent, as is my vote and what my ethics are in relationship with my genuine beliefs — I don’t vote “for” issues that are contrary to my genuine beliefs.

There is little about me and my life that can even remotely be described as me “hat(ing) gays“. The lie by Mr. Morrissey and his little band on twitter yesterday was so outrageously false as to be inexcusable in referring to me with that statement and the ongoing reprints of that statement as also other similar lie from another there.

Dot-Red-SML Activism by groups such as GOProud represents an expansion of government, not a reduction of it, and it doesn’t matter what they write about their goals or whatever is said about us actual Conservatives, nor how wretchedly people such as these become emotionally agitated and resort to baseless lies about the questions raised, none of that matters, but what does matter is that there’s this hardened-head maniacal element among the Right (or who continue to insist themselves upon the Right) who are not Conservative, nor are they Christian beyond the tags as such they post on twitter and wherever else. I’m not declaring a requirement to be Christian, I only mention that because what I witnessed yesterday by two people among the rest on twitter lay claim to being “Christian” — yet their behavior proved that declaration debatable. I’m not aware that Jesus Christ requires those who declare belief in him to lie to or about others, however recklessly (or not). In fact, I’m quite sure Christ does not make such a requirement, but, rather, chastises anyone who would so so.

And about Christianity, I note that a lot of the antagonism about Christians seems to originate in and among persons who resent Judeo-Christian theology and those of us who aspire to follow it sincerely. As an American citizen and a voter in that regard, I vote my conscience as a Catholic and Christian, and in society in general — certainly on twitter — I maintain responsibility for what I write.

But I can’t explain why people are deluded about themselves and that includes laying claim to theology they disprove by their words and/or deeds. It’s as if they are role-playing for a reward, and in media, the reward being a big and growing audience. Psychologically and spiritually, that is vanity, but don’t mind me for saying so at this time in reflection: some people need the attention. In these examples I am commenting about, the specific media accounts are those who are, literally, pitching for causes, so their “need of attention” is obvious. And appears to outweigh their credibility.

I can only attest to the fact that these sort of delusions run heavy on the internet and in media by some who flash-out with pejoratives whenever anyone so much as ASKS a question or otherwise attempts to point out discrepancies in proposed actions or suggested support of actions. If homosexual behavior is desired by some to be “normalized” within society, it’d be a great place to begin that by acting normally and not tearing others apart at the flyby of a bird.

But it continues to surprise me when I encounter this level of delusion from some who are assumed to be among the Right but actually are not: there’s nothing to distinguish the Leftwing methods of pejoratives, lies, attacks and hate speech flung about toward the Right, from the same that’s flung about by the Left-among-the-Right, or, rather, on a political party level, the “RINOs” among the GOP (“Republicans In Name Only” most of whom are Libertarians).

That is, the Right has it’s Leftwing, too, and within the GOP they’re called RINOs and among the Left they’re called Leftwing or “Progressives” (which generally includes nearly all who associate as Democrats today, in my experience). They harm others without reservation or responsibility and then claim to be victims, “defending” whatever — it’s not a respectable state of mind from whomever at whatever political spectrum.

Dot-Red-SML I’d like to also add here that at no time have I nor anyone I know suggested or ever demanded that homosexuals not be included in CPAC as attendees or as a group attending formally to represent their group, the issue is that a group of this sort — GOProud — is sponsoring CPAC this year and that, even more offensive to me on an interpersonal (and voter) level, that I’d be attacked in such force and profanity as I was yesterday for so much as asking more complex questions than a mere party favor.

I read later on twitter that another user there was being similarly accused of similar ugliness by Mr. Morrissey (who wrote to him that he was “trying to shut them [GOProud] out [of CPAC]”). A user posing very polite questions in that regard (” slash aaklashraut “) is insulted with an abrupt, irrational allegation by another one of those marginalizing users (” / johnhenke “) that that user’s “marginalizing gop as anti-gay” and Mr. Morrissey leaps to accuse “aaklashraut” that he’s “attempting to lock them (homosexual activist group) out” of CPAC…

Dot-Red-SML This handful of marginalizing, lying twitter users (who I’ve identified here) does not represent sense and logic among the Right; rather, they appear, by their behaviors, to represent the run-of-the-mill Liberal hacking away at Conservative values, beliefs, persons. I find their “slamming assumptions” horrendously irresponsible as also disgustingly deceitful. Worse, these are persons who use media presenting as being “on the Right” yet are not so in regards what I’ve witnessed of their behaviors with people who they, apparently, perceive as being easily victimized (so they attempt to victimize persons, such as on twitter).

I’d prefer to hope that Conservatives, and CPAC annually as The Conservative Political Action Conference, is more than party favors, flippancy and appeasements based upon ridiculous drifts of terms and definitions (“fun” when things are awful, “great” when things are worse, “Conservative” when things — and positions — are Leftwing).

I also realize that it’s greatly tempting for inflammatory-oriented, agitation-affected and affecting interests to try to fan emotional flames in media and on the internet, and, that homosexuality is the source of great suffering in this world, by victimization sometimes, by self-inflicted irregularities at other times, by emotional hurts in both cases, but this is not one of those times. In the case of the twitter liars from yesterday, they’ve earned the title of the Irresponsible Fools: they’re like idiots protecting and defending idiocy — it has nothing (at all) to do with Conservatives (or with “fiscal conservativism” or CPAC) any more than their wonky retorts have to do with character.

Dot-Red-SML All of these events from yesterday are down and over the cliff from last year’s remarkable high as Rush Limbaugh delivered his wonderful speech at CPAC in 2009.

Dot-Red-SML UPDATE, woefully:

Idiot screed-writing hatespeech author — ” / chrisbarrondc ” — enjoys his “LOLLOLLLing” all over twitter while thoroughly embarrassing himself, the “GOP” he claims to be a “consultant” for and chases as many voters away from the GOP as he possibly can, referring to his grandly well endowed list of “156 collaborators” (what the hatespeech author calls them) with the homosexual-activist group now associated with CPAC10.

Apparently, however, in this later, hapless bad-breather’s mind, a group of “156 collaborators” disproves millions of Conservatives or at least their opinions rule over or outweigh those held by millions of Conservatives. On that list, more than a few who aren’t Conservative, and some who are, who I’m sending copies of this nut’s comments (guy claims he’s “a political consultant to the GOP” [see screencap image files, below].

Does the GOP enjoy losing elections (such a “political consultant” as witnessed on twitter this morning)? I thought our objective was to win elections, not lose them. Given these few but ugly few on twitter who claim relationship with the GOP (in whatever capacity), I don’t see any winning character, unless their strategy is to replace the Democratic Party with the Democratic Party.

I can see where this is going. Those associated with this push cause apparently think they’ve seized the ledge for this year’s CPAC — Conservatives be damned especially if they have individual opinions — and will continue to write nonsense screed and other hatespeech about me and any other Conservative who “dares to” have an opinion contrary to theirs.

I’ve seen this happen before by homosexual activists on the internet as also by, unfortunately, many Ron Paul supporters, as also by the routine Leftwingers such as loiter on kos and HuffPo; the hatespeech from all of these and the dedicated need to destroy other people (most often strangers entirely) is beyond reason but that never stops them. If opinions must be delivered or followed by hitting people over their opinion-heads, then the hitting opinion fails. It’s not a winning strategy for anyone, regardless of what they want, to behave like these I’ve identified here.

So suffice it to say the hatespeech-writers on twitter aren’t going to stop. I am not aware of any “ban limit” on twitter, and thus, I’ll continue to ban these hateful fools, regardless of their embrace of this year’s CPAC or any other once Conservative organization. It was nice to enjoy a Conservative convention while it lasted, which seems to have now expired after last year.

I’m still a registered Republican and plan to stick with that; but the hatefulness emanating from this bunch advocating this homosexual-activism in relationship with CPAC is disgraceful, as are their bleak and dreary “tweets” attacking just about anyone else in that regard.

Dot-Red-SML Another Update:

Hatespeech author — ” / chrisbarrondc ” — no longer even has a twitter account by that I.D. (gone, it’s utterly gone as are his hatespeech screed) (later, it’s back, but it’s still banned by me, so who cares). I saved screencaps, which are full-screen size so be prepared for some very large files if you care to view these: one, two and three.

Dot-Red-SML Update Again

More Sighs and Lies Amidst All Those L’s and O’s

– Or –

Up In the Air At Two Inches Altitude Nine Hours Later

The sigh.

Now the sigh again.

My twitter comment to that stream of crap from these last two abased individuals ^^ was as follows:

“@redhk @chrisbarrondc The world’s tiniest violin is playing for you two. Enjoy your pitiful pity party. #tcot #liars #cpacnew 12:31 PM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to redhk”


Here’s a reprint of my twitter comments, start to go, with their URLs embedded, respectively. I have emboldened a few of my points for the sake of emphasis here.

The most current remarks of mine are at the start (beneath this paragraph) while the older remarks by me (“tweets”) are to be found at the bottom of the following reprints (tweets below read backward-in-time with earliest tweets at the bottom).

The hourly references included (“about — hours ago” and similar) are just the time-expanses present when I first copied the ‘tweets’ for my record of them, but if you use the links embedded in each tweet of mine, you’ll see actual dates on each.

Dot-Red-SML HELPFUL HINT: scroll down to bottom of the following “tweets” and read upward. The most current tweets are at the top, while originating (older) tweets are at the bottom.

@JimFoss Thanks – very much! Re: kind comments, my post #CPACnew #conservative #tcot 11:49 PM Dec 21st, 2009 from web in reply to JimFoss

(Note: nice guy “JimFoss” tweeted the following to me)
@suzy_rice Great post on the issue with C.P.A.C. Tolerance of individuals is one thing, of groups that aren’t conservative quite another 2:25 PM Dec 21st, 2009 from Tweetie in reply to suzy_rice

@redhk @chrisbarrondc The world’s tiniest violin is playing for you two. Enjoy your pitiful pity party. #tcot #liars #cpacnew 12:31 PM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to redhk

“CPAC10 Suffers and So Do They: Deplorable Lies by So-Called ‘Conservatives'” #gop #tcot #hatespeech #CPACnew

Little L & O obsessed nincompoop #hatespeech author “@christbarrondc” gets the banhammer and good riddance #tcot #gop #idiotsharassingvoters 7:10 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web

@chrisbarrondc Nah, but you can “face it” all you want, I’m not interested. Now go away. 7:09 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@chrisbarrondc Sent your tweets to NRA & #GOP & will continue to complain about your ghastly behavior. Do you actually want them to lose? 7:08 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@chrisbarrondc And YOU “correct” what “record”? Your opinion consists of a lot of Ls and Os on twitter, it’s marginal at best. Go away. 7:07 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@chrisbarrondc Did you stangle on that last gargle? Eat a bug? Are you twelve? Go away, the LOLLYING is ridiculous, as is your hatespeech 7:06 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc 7:05 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web

@chrisbarrondc It is pitiful, pitiful, that you are deemed “consultant” to #GOP. You’re doing a great job losing voters for them. 7:03 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@chrisbarrondc Yes, you are writing hatespeech. I copied it all, sending it w/complaint to GOP, already sent to NRA, now leave me alone. 7:02 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@chrisbarrondc Have a great day with your LOLLLING. Just wrote to NRA, complained, sent them copies of your assholish idiocy, also GOP. 7:01 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

(Note: see screencaps — one, two, three — for evidence of “chrisbarrondc”‘s infection of “L” and “O” in various combinations.)

@chrisbarrondc I have no interest in twittering all morning 2 you; sorry to deflate Ur little party, the list is hardly remarkable 6:50 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

(Note: “chrisbarrondc” has just made manifest his “list of collaborators” with the homosexual-activism group, about which he is also promoting while ridiculing me.)

@chrisbarrondc If you think it’s “nice” to be me, why are you so hateful about me? Why are you contacting me? #tcot 6:49 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@chrisbarrondc I’ll save your tweets on screencaps and preserve you for posterity so others can witness your hatespeech 6:49 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

(Note: see screencaps — one, two, three as to the stream of crap from this nut, “chrisbarrondc”.)

@chrisbarrondc Your expectations are so low, why are you even contacting me? #tcot 6:47 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@chrisbarrondc Norquist’s a Libertarian (not Conserv),NRA’s gonna get a huge quantity of complaints from members, no doubt about that 6:47 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@chrisbarrondc It’s a fail in my book, but good luck w/your excitement w/those “collaborators”; I’m guessing far more than “156” oppose 6:45 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@chrisbarrondc Uv manufactured a litany of (more) allegations that I never used; “collaborators”have their opinions, you have Ur accusations 6:44 AM Dec 18th, 2009 from web in reply to chrisbarrondc

@redhk Hven’t read anything “solidly conservative” from you, not once. Good luck. about 6 hours ago from web in reply to redhk

(Note: “redhk” just declared that he was “solidly conservative” while his intrusion on my tweets [copied in the following] was for purposes of his homosexuality and promoting this homosexual-activist group as sponsor of CPAC10 under guise of being the equivalent of or representational of “fiscal conservativism” — I continue to declare that one does not equate with the other, they are not synonymous terms nor intents, and no one on twitter among these ghastly accounts I’ve included here is capable of discussing such, nor why, as Ed Morrissey foolishly wrote on Hot Air [and reiterated on twitter, as copied in the following], that this homosexual-activist group should be welcomed as CPAC10 sponsor while “purist minority” [Morrissey’s language, whatever it even means] among Conservatives ought to be excluded in preference for this homosexual-activist group calling themselves, well, whatever.)

@redhk I hope you don’t fly planes with that much antagonism & attitudinal complaining… about 6 hours ago from web in reply to redhk

@redhk Look, Morrissey wrote a blatant, disgusting, utterly nutty lie abt me; it’s not tolerable. Prblm is his, not mine. #tcot #CPACnew about 6 hours ago from web in reply to redhk

@redhk You still can’t/won’t address your deceit as I identified it; I ban liars #tcot #CPACnew about 6 hours ago from web in reply to redhk

@JohnJ2427 I’m not ‘singling out this one group’ BUT CPAC has, this grp is sponsoring #CPAC10 – and attempt to discuss w/ppl who can’t about 6 hours ago from web in reply to JohnJ2427

(Note: this one group is being advertised by various CPAC10 “organizers” including hyped by Ed Morrissey in his writing at Hot Air, while other groups also offering sponsorships are not, so the issue is this one group, particularly, and why the hype and promotion of it, as also as to why they’re sponsoring the CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL ACTION Conference, as I’ve abundantly identified in my tweets and in this post already, as nonsensical when one steps outside this hype about “homosexual activism” as implausibly representing “fiscal conservativism” while other Conservatives are being dismissed and insulted as a non-desirable “purist minority” [so wrote Ed Morrissey] who shouldn’t be included in CPAC10, if there’s a choice to be made between the homosexual-activist group and, I suppose, the rest of voters — since no one promoting the homosexual-activist group, “GOProud,” as sponsor of CPAC10 can explain just why that group is to be promoted as representational or emblematic of “fiscal conservativism,” then I’m left to again refer to this issue as an exclusion of voters in preference by CPAC for promoting and indulging homosexual-activism, which is what Morrissey, again, declared…read on…)

Shame on CPAC10, shame on subterfuge, shame on liars here who claim to be “conservative” but are most certainly not so. Start over #CPACnew about 6 hours ago from web

@ #gop – what’s taking place yet again is Leftwing in #gop harassing/ridiculing, lying about rest on the Right & it’s why ppl go Independent about 6 hours ago from web

Ppl hve free will, can do whtever, whnever, 4 whtever reason; I don’t support/agree w/some (thus,”free will” as reflectd in Const.Rts) #tcot about 6 hours ago from web

@redhk EdMorrissey lied about me, very ugly lie, unmerited, I discounted tht – you condoned lies; about 6 hours ago from web in reply to redhk

@JohnJ2427 In your frame of ref., then, why not anything used to form “activism”? Doesn’t make it inherently conservative… about 6 hours ago from web in reply to JohnJ2427

@JohnJ2427 It isn’t the ppl, their genders, races, ethnicities, etc. tht is objectionable, but the political organizing based on such about 6 hours ago from web in reply to JohnJ2427

@JohnJ2427 Most Conservatives (real ones) do object to these stereotypical, race-ethnic-gender based ‘grps’ inherently… about 6 hours ago from web in reply to JohnJ2427

@redhk Right here, your lies, irrational nastiness rather than any attempt to discuss #tcot about 6 hours ago from web in reply to redhk

#CPAC began > Conservative Political Action, not Libertarian-Leftwing-Liberal Action; expansion of govt. is not Conservative #CPACnew #tcot about 6 hours ago from web

@JohnJ2427 U shld look at this strategically: why a homosxl activist grp? That’s the objective, and govt.expansion… about 6 hours ago from web in reply to JohnJ2427

@redhk < — Another Liar on the Crazy 10 Train about 6 hours ago from web in reply to redhk

@redhk Please identify “hysteria”. Then there are those liars among the Left who pose as “conservatives” such as yourself. #fail about 6 hours ago from web in reply to redhk

(Note: here we go, more homosexual-activists join in with more of this irrational personal attack stuff — more proof, as if more was necessary, that what we have here is a Leftwing group of activists using CPAC10 with no relationship with Conservatives, or with ethics, as pointed out here in these few tweets of theirs; their very behavior proves they’re not Conservatives, and that they are, indeed, deploying that Leftwing method of debased, personal-attacks of others rather than discussion of issues.) (This awfulness continues…reading upward ^^, this and another activist have the audacity to claim they’re “conservative” while their behavior evidences quite the opposite, with the exception of “JohnJ2427” who is merely asking questions, to which I responded.)

All Conservatives should ban this indecent liar -> pinkelephantpun CPAC should be reformatted w/new staff, start over w/it #CPACnew #tcot

@pinkelephantpun Ban hammer. about 6 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@EdMorrissey An utter lie. I can’t understand what’s happened to your mind, Ed, just a baseless, utter lie. about 6 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@pinkelephantpun Sorry you have to resort to disgusting lies as you have; I feel sorry for you, for Ed, it’s disgusting to read your lies about 6 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Another liar. pinkelephantpun is a baseless, irresponsible liar. about 6 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

(Note: “pinkelephantpun” just haplessly and disgustingly echoed Morrissey’s disgusting lie about me.) (I continue to note that at no time has either of these nor their peers offered up so much as a logical explanation for theirotherwise-irrational ideas and declarations and instead, grow increasingly derogatory toward and about me with lies and other sliming of a personal nature.)

@EdMorrissey Why are you lying as you are? What’s your objective? Why even lie as you are doing? What in heck is wrong with you? about 6 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey Ed are you drinking? What? That’s the ugliest lie I’ve ever read here or anywhere else. You’re a liar. about 6 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@pinkelephantpun You clearly just do.not.understand the strategic issues involved, nor my confrontations of same. #fail #CPAC10 about 6 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Then why a homosxl activist grp touted as “fiscally conservative” as sponsor of CPAC10? #fail Start over: #CPACnew about 6 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@EdMorrissey but you’ve drifted terms into territory that’s irrational, also dishonest accordingly about 6 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey It’s old hatespeech attack method 2 declare lies to be truth (what you just did). I hate no one. Never wrote tht I hated. about 6 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey That’s likely mst dishonest thing you’ve ever written there, that allegation; sorry, Ed, U going to personal hate speech loses about 6 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey No, Ed, I’ve never written (anywhere) tht I “didn’t like them”; grp is homosxl-defined actvst grp, not “fiscal conservative”grp about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

(Note: Ed Morrissey just ‘tweeted’ about me that “(I) hate(d) gays” — I am having a difficult time understanding how anyone who is not disgusting and corrupt could ever dare to write such but Morrissey did, a clear lie, a disgusting attempt to just “slime” me based upon his own paranoias, perhaps.)

@pinkelephantpun U clearly cannot follow strategic problems… about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun CPAC10 represents degeneration of RINO sentiments; all Conservatives shld object to this & perhaps just start over #CPACnew about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Sorry you’ve degenerated into insulting others. It speaks badly about who you are. about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Identify, if you can, what “fiscal conservativism” is rpresnted by a homosxl activist group about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Ur tweets are gutteral nuttiness; good luck w/ your “party” environ, CPAC has degenerated into mush about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Obviously, social aspects seem 2 flatter certain ppl such as yourself, Ur failed @ the conceptual & political strategy about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun It’s being stated (“said”) by even attempting 2 define GOProud as some sort of representative of “fiscal conservativism” about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Seems your tweets represent the actual “hater” here; if you can’t even discuss this reasonably, quite sad reflection on U about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Not raging; knock off your foolish attacks, not at all respectable nor respected. about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

(Note: “pinkelephantpun” ^^ has continued her personal insults about me — wrote that “(I) (was) raging” — words escape me here — making no sense other than she’s an insulting person.) (Tactic of the Leftwing, I again note.)

@pinkelephantpun Why not let Ed speak/write 4 himself? I’ve read tweets & post @hotair, been clear why I disagree, read no reasonable retorts about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun I’m clear on what “fiscal conservativism” is, I see that you are not. Shame belongs on CPAC10; good luck. about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun How does “being ‘gay'” equate w/fiscal conservatism? It doesn’t, 2 issues as disparate as fire&water, meaningless arguement about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun not in their List, not in the group, not in the mission, not in the purpose of the grp; List advocates bigger govt. about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun It’s a homosxl group; that;’s their form, that’s the presentation; fiscal conservatism is not represented in their List about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Wow, “you totally are immature”. I misrpresented nothing that Ed wrote – your condescension is mis-possessed about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

(^^ Note: this irreverant individual, “pinkelephantpun,” tweeted previously ^^ that “(I) (was) totally immature” and I used her immature ‘language’ to retort, out of frustration with her vulgarities.) (Unfortunately for CPAC, “pinkelephantpun” says she’s some sort of organizer of or for the event, which more than likely explains a great deal of what’s denigrating the convention this year, so far.)

(ALSO Note that there’s now an increased effort to demean me rather than address these issues I’ve raised, an obvious effort to pathetically keep the issue on me on personal terms with deploying various lies, baseless allegations, rather than discuss the issues I’ve raised.)

@pinkelephantpun So tell me, how does “being gay” equate w/being “fiscally conservative”? What does a homosxl activist grp represent? about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun I’m “clear on what a fiscal conservative is” & it’s not represented by “GOProud” nor by what Ed’s misrepresening there about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun Do whatvr they chose but issue here is sponsorship of #CPAC10 by a Leftwing activist group & bizarre readaptation of terms about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pdigaudio @EdDriscoll @pinkelephantpun @EdMorrissey #GOProud is not a “fiscal conservative” group, not in form, not in purpose, not by List about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pdigaudio

@pdigaudio @EdDriscoll @pinkelephantpun @EdMorrissey Ask #GOProud to endorse removal of hate-crimes leg’ln, try that… about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pdigaudio

@pinkelephantpun That List @hotair by #GOProud does NOT represent “fiscal conservativism” – absurd to try to warp terms as you are about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@pinkelephantpun I don’t care if someone’s engaging in homosxl bhvr either but it’s sexual behavior, it’s not “fiscal conservativism” about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pinkelephantpun

@EdMorrissey Obviously, some ppl (2% of humanity) will engage in homosxl activity; has nothing to do w/ CPAC, Conservative Political Action about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey Crises issues, such as Dept.ofEd, homosxl activism as nose under tent 4 govt. rule? What’s “fiscally conserv” about that? about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey “fiscal cons than a purist minority” WHO, exactly, R “purist minority” in your mind? I don’t at all follow your nomenclature about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey How & where homosexual activism can even be deemed “fiscally conservative” is irrational beyond words about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey so why support that group as sponsor of #CPAC10? Why aren’t they attending, but sponsoring’s another thing entirely about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey BUT the List contains far more offensiveness TO “fiscal conservativism” than you identify, unfortunately, ramifications of List about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey No, “8 of 10 items” on List @hotair ARE NOT “fiscally sound” objectives; Lenin/Obama,etc. can speak a great gameplan, too… about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@pdigaudio @EdDriscoll @pinkelephantpun @EdMorrissey “fiscal cons” vs. (as U call us) “purist minority” is absurd contextual allegation… about 7 hours ago from web

@pdigaudio @EdDriscoll @pinkelephantpun @EdMorrissey This is bizarre, misleadng language: “gov coalition fiscal cons than a purist minority” about 7 hours ago from web in reply to pdigaudio

(Note: EdMorrissey declared that he preferred CPAC to represent “gov coalition (of) fiscal cons than a purist minority”) (and I pointed out the bizare, misleading nature of that statement) (never got a lucid response, no justification offered that could provide sense about that weird declaration and why it’s being declared). (Conclusion, then, it’s been declared to insult a great number of voters among the Right, to marginalize voters and to appease Leftwing issues while again drifting the terms into the Leftwing, such that (ex.) “Conservative” then becomes associated with homosexual-activism and similar.)

@EdDriscoll @pinkelephantpun @EdMorrissey The issue is WHAT the “governing objective” IS & represents, not that such exists #RINOs #gop about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdDriscoll

@EdDriscoll @pinkelephantpun @EdMorrissey Curiously, you 3 apply a religious adulation term “amen” to a humanist objective. Why? about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdDriscoll

@EdDriscoll @pinkelephantpun @EdMorrissey There’s nthng “Conservative” abut a group called #GOProud, it’s homsexl activist grp, nothing more about 7 hours ago from web in reply to EdDriscoll

@EdMorrissey By refuting tht, Conservatives R calld terrible names bt issue isn’t Conserv’s bt activism by Leftwg, homosxl defined activists about 8 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey …B/c by their very org.(s), entire reason for organizing, their objective (per List as GOProud) is literally homosxly about 8 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey Log Cabiners shld conduct own annual “We’re Not Liberals But…” meeting & promote homosexuality per organizational format… about 8 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey Issue is #CPAC sponsorship 4 Conservative goals, not Leftwing homosexual ‘goals’ identified in #GOProud list posted on hotair about 8 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey Whole “homophobe” hate-attack speech shld B itself attacked; it’s essentially nutty speech usd to proliferate homosexl activism about 8 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey I read Ur post @hotair, I realize activism FOR CONSERVATIVE VALUES was purpose of prev.CPAC’s; #GOProud is not Conservative grp about 8 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey There were more than just 2 items on #GOProud list @hotair that are objectionable: sexual activity is banner; thus, irregular about 8 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey So many of pg.1-2 cmmnts @hotair re:#GOProud evidence RINO presumption of Conservatives, shame to witness #CPAC10 support it about 8 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey @mizzoujgrad Issue is false application of “Conservative” to Leftwing activism, same prblm tht defines RINOs in #gop #CPACnews about 8 hours ago from web in reply to EdMorrissey

@EdMorrissey @CPACnews I agree w/AFA’s position; activism is GOProud objective (List U posted @hotair) vs attendance 3:47 PM Dec 17th from web in reply to EdMorrissey



Originally Published February 07, 2013

Having a friend who is in a Catholic religious order proves rewarding in more ways than one but it’s especially great to receive newsletters from such a friend, which I do.

The latest newsy-email I received inspired me and quite dramatically; I feel a need both personally and publicly — privately and professionally, private issues and Ye Olde Political ones — to orient perspectives and plans toward the future with a new sense of adventure.

I’ve also discovered the newest perspectives I want to base my next paintings on, which is a unique event for me because the concepts I explore on canvas with paint only emerge as themes that affect all the paintings done in the same period of time, and, I only develope these concepts, from what my history tells me about this process, every ten to twenty years or so, meaning, they are rare and refined and represent perspectives under exploration by me and once done, I tend to “go out to pasture” for years and don’t reapproach the paints and canvas until there’s a new reason to explore the media. Now there’s a new reason.

Involved in that, this latest emailed newsletter from my friend, my religious friend. It quite inspired me, and it follows here:

“Give up the familiar: Leave yourself and face the unknown.”

Mother Xavier Ross – Foundress, Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

“Look forward to the good there is yet to be.”

1. Identify your sanctuary in transition – a shelter for tranquility, peace, prayer, memories.

2. Re-define your mission – find yourself. Who am I now? Identify the pieces of your puzzle; decide what parts of the puzzle you want to keep; what are my gifts now, what is important to me? Am I most comfortable around adults, children, or by myself?

3. Be gentle with yourself; “Lord, I have done the best I can with the resources that I have.” Give your worries to God so you can sleep; our resources aren’t the same now — they may get better; don’t torture yourself with regrets, fear or depression, it saps energy.

4. Love equals time, one of our best resources; letters, phone calls, e-mails spell love.

5. All our lives are about transition – change:

“Go confidently in the direction of your future — GOD is there!”


Published From 2003 to 2016

All my former published posts on this site have now been relegated to an archive. There were seventy-three pages of posts at twenty-per-page or under, monthly, for each of those years.

Many of those posts continue with credible insights (example, one about ‘Al Franken Freaking Out’ was from 2005 and several about Nancy Pelosi’s tyranny by tantrum among those past thirteen years), while many more were too zany to make a serious presentation about my perspectives.

Twitter has overtaken blogging in the recent years for me and, clearly, from the looks of twitter, for many others. Thus, this site has gone unused for the past few years and the extent of my both seriously appropriate and zany posts, on current read, make me wonder why I’ve left them accessible to the public (until today).

I’ve left the STAR WARS Logo pages “up” because they continue to be searched-for, found and read by those interested.

Meanwhile, I hope this recent Christmas was merry for most and that this coming New Year will be enjoyed safely, warmly and well. 2018, I hope (and hope for all) will bring good, constructive, better things for mankind than the now-expiring 2017 did as also those years past (posts and otherwise) that have now become archive.


Although the Left and especially Leftmedia utterly missed the point of what actor, director and producer Clint Eastwood’s performance was all about when he appeared on stage at the Republican National Convention last week — he showed up in a cheap, ill-fitted suit, his hair a mess, mumbling and stumbling while speaking at or to an empty chair beside him onstage (it was a re-enactment of a Jimmy Stewart routine but in present time, the empty chair as Eastwood performed this was the absent President Obama with chair in his absence), all of which spawned a new term: “Eastwooding”.

Which in turn spawned the Empty Chair Day today to commemorate, illustrate and commentate upon the situation as Eastwood presented it.

Later Update: Eastwood shares details about his speaking experience at the GOP 2012 convention. Among those details, there is this:

“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” Eastwood told The Pine Cone this week. “Romney and Ryan would do a much better job running the country, and that’s what everybody needs to know. I may have irritated a lot of the lefties, but I was aiming for people in the middle.”

…Eastwood said people, including reporters, who were shocked by his remarks “are obviously on the left,” and he maintained that, while many Americans didn’t like the way he handled his convention appearance, millions more have something else on their minds.

“A lot of people are realizing they had the wool pulled over their eyes by Obama,” Eastwood said.

A few more from me:

Some links from among so many more of today’s images:

On Twitter, ‘Empty Chair Day’ Slams DNC
– by Liz Heron, September 03, 2012, Wall Street Journal

– by Michael Patrick Leahy, September 03, 2012 at

#EmptyChairDay hashtag on twitter

Why Clint Eastwood’s speech worked
– by Jim Huffman, September 01, 2012, The Daily Caller


On this, I agree with Donald Trump:

“The fact is, Anthony Weiner is a bad guy, he’s a psycho…

“He lied. He cheated. He was as bad as I’ve ever seen…he’s a liar. He should never, ever be allowed to run for public office again.

“What he’s done is incredible and what he’s done to his family is truly a shame. The fact is, one thing good came out of Anthony’s mess: I’ll never have to give him campaign contributions and that’s really wonderful.

Footnote: when  this post was originally published, there was a video available on YouTube and it was linked in this post; the link’s been removed on this republishing of the post (May 09, 2018) because YouTube’s censored and removed the video.



Edit, March 16, 2018: Another older post of mine I’m republishing. Because it’s still exceptionally relevant:

Here we go again: you’d think human beings would *get it* once and for all that following Loud Duds (though they may be pretty and speak with a booming voice) over a cliff amounts to self-destruction.

Millions of Americans (so it was reported – at this point, I, honestly, have little confidence that anything I’ve read from the Leftwing Media over the last decade has been credible) voted for Barack Obama; in my online experience with the last Presidential election (McCain [R] vs. Obama [D]), the only thing going for Obama was emotional hysteria on the Left and the inability by many on the Right to generate much confidence in a McCain Presidency (so the hysteria — and vanity — on the Left trumped the reason — and hesitation — on the Right).

I’m not a newly-interested voter, paying attention for the first time (2008 or now) to Presidential elections (among other things political); but, last Presidential election was unique from my previous experiences because there were so many hysterical Leftwing promotions of Obama and harassment of the Right based on so little as figurehead-fervor that could not and did not substantiate the reality that was eeking-out about their object of lust (Barack Obama). In fact, who he is was there to be recognized for any of us who were not affected by that Leftwing hysteria and it was, indeed, recognized (by me, by others I’ve heard from) as the information about an all-round exceptionally unreliable if not socio-politically intentionally destructive individual.

When the man was examined more closely than the hyperbole, the man came up so short if not contradictory to the hyperbole as to be promising of a lethal injection of poison into our nation by sheer volume of dishonesty or misrepresentation, but, that didn’t matter to the hysteria and the hysterical who just had to have the man in the White House and today we see the reasons why: he appealed to those in our society who — whether intentional in some cases (Ayers, etc.) or irresponsible to a point of being destructive to themselves and others (how I’d describe most who are enthralled with Socialism and who found Obama most appealing) — liked the idea of a destroyed U.S.A., they found Obama’s boasts about “change” appealing because it contained the vow of destruction of who and what the U.S.A. is.

And Obama in office has continued on in that direction and those who voted for him continue on in dank belief that his complaints about “the status quo” don’t equate with deconstruction of a nation. Obama represents a disease process being injected into our nation and the fears some of us had in those regards during the last election are now proven substantially well-placed since he’s taken the Presidency, along with the dreadful helpers he has in the Democrat Congressional majority.

About that last election (2008), McCain did not help matters, what with his embarrassment if not chastisements about Conservatives, thus wrecking any lingering momentum the Right maintained by November 2008, and depleting the energy and enthusiasm that his V.P. candidate, Sarah Palin, brought to the GOP ticket (and began a possible save of the election, to no avail, unfortunately and again, it’s McCain’s fault for that).

So today here we are: poison’s been injected into the nation (the deed is already done) and now we’re trying to apply the anti-venom to the paralysis if not mortality that will ensue should no anti-venom be effective: the Obama “Health Care” Monstrosity, the wrecking of the nation under ruse by Obama as “historical” — to which those followers of his who have not yet come to their senses — applaud. I guess the idea of being “historical” (another theatrical method, boombah for the big move — it’s “historical, rawr” but refusing examination of the acts associated with that) is another one of those poison injections that they think will correct their wrinkles.

“It’s historical,” and the audience goes “rawr.” Fidel Castro called his implosion of Cuba “historical” and deemed any opposition to be “worms” and “parasites” yet Castro was, indeed, the actual parasite and history has abundantly proven him to be so. I have no doubts that if or when history will eventually catch-up in exposing Barack Obama and today’s Democratic Congressional majority, that they will, indeed, be written-up as sucking monsters of nearly all that is (or was) lively born of our Republic.

Why — oh, why — are just enough members of human populations so easily taken away by flashy things as to create ongoing liabilities by their irresponsibility for the rest of us? What IS it about fervor from a stage that sends just enough human beings into a frenzy as to pose liabilities for the rest of us? Where do their intellects actually go when the shiny object before them whirls and twirls even when it contains bad plans, unreliable promises, bad objectives? Get a loaf of bread, lose your life? Is that really a bargain?

Never witnessed this before in all my years, just never witnessed such threats of life and limb and ability to survive before. I’ve seen a great deal of history in my lifetime and most of it, “live” right there before me:

I watched “live” as our nation declared an imminent nuclear war and do, indeed, recall the dreadful reality of walking alone home from grade school with the understanding that this awful thing called fallout would soon ruin me and most everyone else — I cried at the realization that all the birds would perish, no shelters for them — but where to go, there was no where…so I walked home from school and watched television, alone, at home, a child anticipating doom to come soon…

I was a young child present a few seats away from an arriving then-President Kennedy at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, the man having flown in by helicopter on the fifty-yard line just there in front of me (my dad, an Army Chaplain at that time who, by that time, had already completed a good deal of combat duty), was assigned some super-secret security orders, and thus, I was there with him, my brother and sister while he quickly left us on the stands inorder to perform his duties, unexplained to us except for being told, “gotta’ to to work now,” during that Presidential visit…

And I watched “live” as former President Kennedy perished followed by the many, many weeks of grim, dark and dreadful times, our nation, thoroughly grief-struck; I watched “live” as Oswald was attacked, and, later, I watched “live” as his brother, Robert Kennedy, perished, too. I remember the President Johnson address viewed “live” from the D.C. airport landing strip as clear as a bell, his depression clearly visible, his weariness, such despair…

I watched “live” as men walked on the moon. Space ventures seem nearly ordinary today with so much development of missions and technology since the 1960’s and 1970’s, but at that time, at the first human moon landing, the “live” broadcast of the event as it occurred, it was quite truly remarkable…

I watched “live” (though replays hours later) of the Kent State National Guard firings on protesters…

And I watched “live” as former President Nixon resigned and took that helicopter lift-off from the White House lawn, while earlier, just before that, Nixon’s farewell speech “live” while at work…

I was certainly “live” while sitting in an office building sealed-off by the FBI when Patty Hearst was on the lamb (two fellow employees — writers at the publication where I worked who were writing the story — were communicating with her and captors, so all the rest of us surrendered our liberties for about 48-hours until the crises — Hearst and captors — was contained: phone lines all but the writers’ off, elevator locked, no entries, no exits, meals delivered after careful screening of their contents and once the arrests were made of the culprits, life and work returned to “normal” for that work environment, which on a good day was hardly normal by most standards…

And from a safe, secure home in the Colorado Rockies, I watched “live” as Chicago police confronted rioting Communists (“SDS”) during the Democratic National Convention…

And I saw “live” the loss of life in Vietnam during the daily evening news — the nightly news for years was “live” footage of the Vietnam War…

And I watched “live” as the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded and I had a terrible intuition on it’s lift-off that such was sure to occur (can’t explain my intuitions but such has happened on many an impending disasterous occasion in my lifetime, can’t explain it)…

So I’ve seen a lot of history in my years but 190wde_2013-EndOfAnErrorI’ve never seen or witnessed a mass disaster such as Barack Obama and the Pelosi/Democrat Monster that is continuing to occur as I write this.

These shall not pass. If my history proves anything, it is that the man, Barack Obama, waving the threats as he jabs his finger at this nation — and seeks the surrender of reason by most — is up to no good. Historical, yes, but very, very bad history. Filled with poison. Drink it at your peril, there might not be an effective antidote.


From the TimesOnline, U.K., this tenderly misleadingly-worded article:

Barack Obama sets up internet ‘war room’ to fight slurs – Internet ‘war room’ will rebuff false rumours”

This quote (emphasis added for purposes of discussion, here):

…The “war room” comes as the Obama campaign prepares a series of biographical speeches, television advertisements and campaign appearances to tell his life story, an attempt to make voters more familiar with him. Despite his long nomination fight against Mrs Clinton, his campaign aides concede that millions of Americans still feel that they do not really know him.

Mr Obama’s Kenyan father, who left the family when he was 2, was a Muslim, but not particularly religious. The Illinois senator lived in Indonesia from the age of 6 until 10 with his white, American mother and Indonesian stepfather, who was a Muslim.

Mr Obama has never been a Muslim, or worshiped at a mosque. He moved from being agnostic to finding Christ in his 20s, with the help of his former Chicago pastor: the Rev Jeremiah Wright, a figure whose incendiary sermons now haunt his candidacy and has increased suspicions among some voters about his patriotism.

A poll in mid-March found that 13 per cent of Americans think that Mr Obama is a Muslim — a 5 per cent increase since December 2007. Another found that 23 per cent of Democrats who hold negative views of him believe that he is a Muslim. The same survey showed that 61 per cent of voters view him as patriotic, compared with 76 per cent for Mrs Clinton and 90 per cent for Mr McCain.

Barack Obama attended a Muslim school in his youth. By sheer fact that his father — whether enthusiastically Muslim or not, still Muslim — was Muslim, renders his son, also, a Muslim in the perspective of Islam.

The operative, significant aspect here — Obama wants the Presidency of the U.S.A., he either knows these primary points or he’s lying about being impervious to them (and in that, by calling others who raise these points, liars) — is that he is a Muslim in the fullest sense of the theology of Islam. Thus, he’s Muslim to a great many people on the globe and it’s not complicated to understand how that conclusion is made.

Moreover, Barack Obama’s intentional selection of Jeremiah Wright to “learn” “Christianity” from is telling because what he’s been indoctrinated with is a false message that does it’s most concerted to defame Christ, Christianity and Judeo-Christian theology. If Barack was “agnostic” (so he’s said to claim in this article) “before” he exposed himself for twenty-plus years to Wright’s antithesis messaging, he certainly remains unredeemed if not continually blasphemous in claiming he’s “Christian,” as Wright does, also.

It’s not the greater humanity who is “lying” about Barack Obama and his beliefs (and probable intents as also motivations, based upon, if anything at all, his proven associations and their identified intents, motivations and beliefs, most of which are contrary to Christianity, Judeo-Christian theology and the United States as a place of “free men” functioning in a democracy), it’s not the observations of Obama that are somehow false or “unfair,” it’s not individuals who question what Obama is actually about — beyond the hype and showmanship — but what Obama is actually about that is the issue.

That he needs to silence individual opinion (nationwide or globally, because the internet on which he’s seeking to suppress opinion carries global opinion, is not limited to opinion by and from only U.S. residents, much less citizens and voters), calls into question what Obama is about, and grants greater credibility to those who have raised these issues about him: who is he, what are his (actual) beliefs, what theology influences him, what are this man’s political intents, what are his morals, his beliefs, who is the guy?

We can easily, readily view stage presentations and affable, mostly celebrity, performances from and by Obama. That tells us little other than he’s a somewhat talented performer with a booming enough voice that many people stop and listen to what he’s saying. The same was said about Adolf Hitler. But, many people today realize, as they did about Adolf, that Barack isn’t saying much they can support but he sure does speak well: the best, then, so far, that can be said about Barack Obama is that he’s a talented performer, and most of us by now know what Adolf’s grand performances amounted to.

Based upon what I’ve read and heard on the internet and in media from those enthusiastic about Barack Obama, they find him appealing not because they are Christians or believe in Judeo-Christian theology, but, rather, they deem Obama appealing because he does not challenge anyone from a Judeo-Christian theological perspective, that he avoids doing so. That same persona renders many people “popular” in a celebrity sense, but it does prove, if anything, that they are messaging an antithesis. Antithesis is appealing to some, but it does not represent Christianity and a Christian, and I refer to a Christian because that’s the pretense Obama attempts to apply to himself, yet is in the opposing process of the antithesis of that.

Same can be readily said about Jeremiah Wright, the misguided, lost “Rev. Pfleger” — both of whom represent as “good works” while defaming the body of Christ, just as candy offered to the vulnerable is the vehicle of leading them astray — and several other if not all the “advisors” Obama claims he has, what his influences, past and present actually are. They’re political influences and associations, they’re not “Christian” or those of Christianity.

Whatever Obama’s “religion” is, I’d say it’s somewhere around persistent Marxist-Political Operative. That he’s now having to scope the internet to attempt to suppress opinions is an indication that he’s not functioning with faith, hope and good intentions for the hopes and wishes of the “free man.”

Perhaps what Obama is actually busy about is establishing the Global Church of Creepy.

Dot-Red HamNation: Obama On Your Shoulder

Dot-RedCan a Catholic Be for Obama?

Pope Benedict XVI, in a speech to European politicians in 2006, offered some instruction for the Catholic conscience: “As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, the principal focus of her interventions in the public arena is the protection and promotion of the dignity of the person, and she is thereby consciously drawing particular attention to principles which are not negotiable. Among these the following emerge clearly today: the protection of life in all its stages… recognition and promotion of the natural structure of the family… and the protection of the rights of parents to educate their children.”

Christian theology as it is identified by the Catholic Church advises against voting Catholics to support pro-abortion candidates and more, and, the Democratic Party is an active proponent by party platform alone of abortion on demand — including Obama and his dubious religious views, influences and associations but not limited to Obama, but extending and applying to all Democrats, by sheer party association (party association represents “membership” in that party platform — shared, accepted positions). Persons presenting as “Catholic” and yet involved in advocating for very primary principles that defy Christian theology as it is identified by the Catholic Church are the misleaders if not liars among our humanity.

Today, some of these can be seen in all walks of life and associated with just about all denominations who use the Christian, Jewish and Muslim theologies (and, several others) for and as socio-political tools, yet who defame if not utterly denigrate the theologies they assume to associate with.

Obama’s not going to silence opinions nor beliefs, regardless of how feverishly and elaborately he and his usefully misled work to try to do so.

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Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children

The condition of autism that occurs in children in all it’s subtle variations is an issue near and dear to my heart, mind and spirit.

This week’s “Strengthen the Good” network campaign, the second in an ongoing series of charity promotions and helps in broadening the awareness about specific charities and causes, is the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children.

Brent Woodall perished in the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001. His wife, Tracy Woodall, who was five weeks pregnant at that time, created the foundation as a way of dealing with her grief and extending Brent Woodall’s legacy. The Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children is a charity providing much helps to children with autism and their families. Please read the Mission of the Foundation on the Foundation’s website. Contacts for donations, volunteer opportunities, and information about events and other helps can be found on the Foundation’s website, also.

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