This site is being recreated, redesigned. While this is taking place, please visit my other site,, for any information you may be looking for. At this time, there’s no date set as to when this site’s recreation will be completed but there will be an announcement made about that once a date is in sight.

Still Pending: Site Recreation

To any who may still access this site, this message:

The site recreation is still pending. The site was defaced quite a while ago and the result has been a very long consideration as to whether or not the site should be recreated. This isn’t a negative reaction to the site’s defacement but an extensive pause in consideration as to the site’s purpose: before the defacement, it contained image-files related to some of my paintings and while the paintings and their subject matter didn’t involve anything of controversy, the defacement of such non-inflammatory images left the very real point-made that whoever defaced the site featuring such harmless, if not also utterly harmless, images was irrational.  The site defacement was intensely negative aimed at this site’s owner, author, in other words.

Thus, there remains the question as to this site’s placement in the realm of human perception: if such harmless images on a harmless, non-controversial site are targeted for such defacement, what isn’t, what can’t be?

I am still painting but have been working on smaller canvases than those earlier paintings depicted on this, the original, site. To those who know me well, painting activity is very difficult physically for me. Thus, I tend to now have more respect for the caution of not placing one’s best before mankind’s worst: there is no cause to allow such denigration of one’s best efforts. So, the site remains not recreated and may never be — still wondering about placing my work publicly available as before.

Will continue to consider or recreate the site or, perhaps, just redirect the domain to my other one.